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Omegatron Omega-3

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Not all fat is unhealthy Omega 3 EPA and DHA is one of the "good" types. Omegatron is ultra-pure & refined fish oil that has an anti-reflux formula that ensures better absorption of essential fatty... Read More

Not all fat is unhealthy Omega 3 EPA and DHA is one of the "good" types. Omegatron is ultra-pure & refined fish oil that has an anti-reflux formula that ensures better absorption of essential fatty acids and can help regulate bad fat levels in the body, increase joint stability, and mobility, without any fishy burps.


Value Pack Omega-3s for Heart health


Looking for one solution that can brighten your skin and improve heart functioning? The answer resides in Fish oil! Fish and fish oil is a concentrated source of omega-3 that has "essential fatty acids," which means the body can not produce them, so to help generations we made Omegatron Fish oil dietary supplement that is extracted from the tissues of oily fish and is rich in several essential nutrients. This supplement fulfills multi-purposes from one single gel-coated capsule. 

This effectual fish oil supplement helps heal the stiff joints, inflammation in athletes, and daily goers that can trigger soreness and swelling in joints. Omegatron has a 3:2 EPA: DHA ratio, which is 3-4 times more than any supplement brand available. With every ingested capsule you get enough essential fatty acids to support bone health, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and immune function, which your regular day-to-day food may lack. The 5 step purification process goes into its making, keeps it totally free of binders, fillers, mercury, or additives, so the fresh ocean fish feels to you. 

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